Sectors of intervention

Advisem’s desire to adapt its services to meet the needs of clients has led it to take on assignments in different sectors, such as education and literacy, the environment, gender equality, human rights and democracy, and income-generating activities.

Education and literacy

Many of Advisem’s assignments involve efforts to improve access to education or enhance the quality of education, including basic education, secondary education, or technical or vocational education focussed on employment. Most of these assignments feature initiatives aimed at youth who live in urban or rural areas of Africa or Latin America.


With demography, resource development and climate change putting more stress on the environment, Advisem and its partners have been involved in the development of monitoring systems for clients that seek to promote:

  • The maintenance of biodiversity.
  • Sustainable agriculture.
  • The preservation of protected areas.
  • Awareness building and public engagement in environmental issues.
  • Access to drinking water.
  • The prevention of man-made natural disasters.

Gender equality

Advisem works with organizations that pay ongoing attention to the promotion of gender equality in access to development opportunities. Advisem supports initiatives that seek:

  • To improve the quality of participation of women and men in the decision space.
  • To encourage equal participation of women and men in household decisions, especially with respect to social and economic issues.
  • To promote fair access to essential services for women and men.
  • To grant women and men control over the financial, physical and human resources needed to achieve social and economic development that will benefit all.

Human rights and democracy

Advisem carries out evaluations and develops monitoring systems for organizations that work to protection people whose rights have been violated. Most of the time, these are women, minors or members of marginalized groups that are victims of violence, sexual mistreatment and human trafficking or that are denied access to essential services.

Income-generating activities

Advisem has a vast experience in the support and evaluation of programs designed to support the efforts of impoverished people to generate income. Some of the strategies used in this sector rely on:

  • Capacity building.
  • Access to financial and non-financial services.
  • The development of savings and credit.
  • Knowledge acquisition in financial and administrative management.
  • The management of cooperatives.
  • The building of life skills.
  • The learning of techniques to increase the production or improve the quality of goods and services.

Other sectors

Advisem and its partners also have experience in projects and programs carried out in various other sectors, such as food security, economic development, support and/or strengthening of institutions, culture, and health.