Who We Are

Providers of enlightened advice

We are a Canadian consulting firm whose mission is to contribute concretely and sustainably to the achievement of the results sought by our clients while respecting the highest standards of quality and professional ethics.

Founded in 2012, Advisem is a network of international development consultants who are committed to using their complementary talents to promote the values they hold dear. These values are: transparency; close collaboration with the client; client empowerment; friendly and respectful relationships; open-mindedness and flexibility in carrying out mandates; and solidarity with communities.

Our logo reflects the vision that underlies Advisem's work. This vision consists of guiding and supporting the client in the search for appropriate solutions, adapted to the structural and situational factors that influence action at the national and international levels. This is how we define ourselves as providers of enlightened advice.

A dynamic, experienced team

Advisem is led by Maryvonne Arnould with the support of various senior consultants. They subscribe to the standards and practices that define Advisem's distinctive value. They all have a solid understanding of international development and project management. Maryvonne holds a master's degree and has excellent language skills in French, English and Spanish. 

Advisem can also count on many part-time collaborators. These resources enrich and diversify Advisem's range of skills while providing the company with a great flexibility to meet the needs of its clients.

Maryvonne Arnould, Advisem Manager

Maryvonne Arnoud Advisem partnerMaryvonne specializes in program and project evaluation, performance assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and results-based management training. She has worked on assignments dealing with social development, economic development, institutional development, education, health, children’s rights, arts and culture, and development of the Francophonie. Maryvonne has been involved in assignments carried out in over 20 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, South America, North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and Asia.

Julie Helson, Senior Consultant

Julie specializes in evaluation, project design (baseline studies), improving monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and designing and conducting surveys, both digital and paper-based.  She has worked on assignments dealing with technical and vocational training for employment, education, environment, agriculture and food security, microfinance, youth empowerment, and child’s rights and protection. Julie has been involved in assignments carried out in over 20 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, South America, West Africa, East Africa, and the Middle East specifically traveling to more than 10 of these countries.