Description of services

Advisem offers a wide range of consulting services in specific areas to clients that operate in Canada or other parts of the world. These services are divided into three broad categories.

Evaluations, surveys and studies

Advisem specialises in conducting evaluations, surveys and studies designed to determine the success of programs and projects carried out by public or private proponents. To deliver services in this area, we build on a strong capacity to gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data and on strict, proven methods to review and triangulate the information on hand. Some of the assignments we take on focus on the achievement of planned results, whereas others, of a more institutional nature, focus on efficiency in resource management. Whatever their purpose or scope, Advisem’s evaluations, surveys, and studies reflect our constant concern for the development of useful findings and sound recommendations, inspired by valid and reliable data and capable of effectively supporting strategic or operational decision making.

Monitoring systems

Advisem develops monitoring systems that help clients properly document the results of their activities. In this area, our services include: the design of results-based tools (i.e., logic model, performance measurement framework, risk registry, etc.); the collection of information (through surveys or prior documentation of practices); the design of results-based data gathering tools, databases and reporting templates; support for the analysis and dissemination of key information; and delivery of any form of training needed to implement effective monitoring systems.


Advisem offers customized training in the fields of evaluation and results-based management. Each hands-on, practical training program is designed to incorporate examples and exercises that reflect each client’s activities, as well as the context in which these activities are set.