Who We Are

Providers of enlightened advice

Advisem associatesWe are a Canadian consulting firm whose mission is to make a concrete, sustainable contribution to achieving client results while adhering to the highest quality and ethical standards.

Born in 2012, Advisem was created by three international development consultants who wanted to build on their combined, complementary skills to promote values close to their heart. These values are: transparency; the desire to work closely with clients; client empowerment; friendly, respectful relationships; openness and flexibility in the conduct of assignments; solidarity with communities; and sensitivity to the common good.

Our logo reflects the underlying vision of Advisem’s work, which is to guide and support clients who seek appropriate, tailored solutions to address structural and situational factors that shape action on the national and international scene. Thus, we define ourselves as providers of enlightened advice.

A dynamic, experienced team

Advisem is led by its three founding partners. These long-time collaborators share a desire to build on the company’s know-how and invest in useful, quality work.

All three partners abide by standards and practices that are Advisem’s calling card. Born and raised in Canada, they have a sound understanding of international development and project management. With over sixty years of combined experience in these areas, they are on the leading edge of their profession. Each partner holds a Master’s degree and has superior language skills in both English and French. In addition, two partners have superior language skills in Spanish.

Louis-Pierre Michaud, President and Partner

Louis-Pierre Michaud Advisem partnerLouis-Pierre specializes in evaluation, project design and implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems, capacity building, and results-based management training. He has worked on assignments dealing with economic development and financial inclusion, education, food security, the strengthening of civil society, health, human rights, arts and culture, and the environment. Louis-Pierre has been involved in assignments carried out in over 30 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, South America, West Africa, East Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Maryvonne Arnould, Vice President and Partner

Maryvonne Arnoud Advisem partnerMaryvonne specializes in program and project evaluation, performance assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and results-based management training. She has worked on assignments dealing with social development, economic development, institutional development, education, health, children’s rights, arts and culture, and development of the Francophonie. Maryvonne has been involved in assignments carried out in over 20 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, South America, North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and Asia.

Luc Bourgie, Secretary Treasurer and Partner

Luc Bourgie Advisem partnerLuc specializes in program and project evaluation, human resource development, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and communications. Luc has worked on assignments dealing with decision making, organizational diagnosis, corporate restructuring, policy and procedure review, strategic and operational planning, the direction and facilitation of work teams, information management, the design of training programs, the dissemination of management information, report writing, and translation from English to French.


Various collaborators also provide just-in-time help to the partners to carry out assignments. These people bring skills that deepen and expand the range of skills available to Advisem, while providing greater flexibility to address the needs of customers.